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#30 - Taylor Swift, Singapore, Sleep Tourism, Hilton expands.

#30 - Taylor Swift, Singapore, Sleep Tourism, Hilton expands.

Taylor swift agreed on an exclusive concert in Singapore, other countries not as impressed!

Content of this week’s podcast:

This episode of Le Portee podcast, hosted by Jeremy and Michael (Mish), delves into various topics relevant to the hospitality industry and beyond. Here's a summary of the main points discussed:

  • Introduction: Jeremy and Michael introduce the podcast, emphasizing their focus on global events, academic insights, and software developments relevant to the hospitality industry.

  • Airbnb Experience: Jeremy shares his recent, somewhat disappointing experience with Airbnb, highlighting issues like impersonal service, automated check-ins, and inflexible host policies. This discussion reflects broader concerns about the evolving nature of hospitality services like Airbnb.

  • Sleep Tourism: Michael introduces the concept of sleep tourism, where hotels offer packages designed to enhance guests' sleep quality. This new trend caters to the growing demand for better sleep experiences, with hotels around the world adopting innovative approaches to attract guests seeking restful escapes.

  • Taylor Swift's Exclusive Singapore Concert: The hosts discuss the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift's decision to perform exclusively in Singapore, skipping other Southeast Asian cities. They explore the implications of such exclusivity deals on fan access to culture and entertainment, questioning the fairness and potential trend of privatizing cultural events.

  • Hilton's Expansion: Hilton's strategic acquisitions and growth plans are highlighted, including the purchase of the Graduate hotel brand and ambitious expansion in India. These moves are part of Hilton's broader strategy to diversify its portfolio and capitalize on emerging markets.

  • Starlink and Cruise Ships: Jeremy discusses the introduction of Starlink internet service on cruise ships, addressing a long-standing complaint about slow internet at sea. This development promises to significantly improve connectivity for both guests and crew, enhancing the overall cruise experience.

  • Academic Insights on Grand Hotels: The hosts critique an academic paper that investigates why people choose to stay in grand hotels. They question the methodology and findings of the paper, suggesting that guest perspectives might differ from those of hotel employees.

Le Portee - Hospitality News
Le Portee - Weekly Hospitality News
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