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Yvonne Heß: Career Path, Woman in finance, Storytelling, Market trends | #5

Yvonne Heß: Career Path, Woman in finance, Storytelling, Market trends | #5

Expert in Structured Finance: Navigating the Hospitality Sector and Beyond
  • Introduction of Yvonne Heß: Mirjam introduces Yvonne as a highly accomplished finance professional, highlighting her transition from banking to leasing and her role at NUMA.

  • Yvonne's Career Path: Yvonne shares her accidental entry into banking, her fascination with the financial industry beyond basic banking operations, and her decade-long experience at UniCredit Group and a savings bank in Germany. She then discusses her move to leasing and her eventual role at NUMA.

  • Women in Finance: Yvonne touches on the surprise and shock many express upon learning about the scarcity of women in the finance sector. She emphasizes the importance of managing expectations and the unique selling proposition (USP) in finance.

  • Navigating Gender Dynamics: Yvonne discusses the necessity of balancing feminine and masculine traits in the finance industry, sharing personal strategies for success and the challenges faced by women in male-dominated meetings.

  • The Importance of Storytelling: The conversation shifts to the critical role of storytelling in finance, with Yvonne explaining how it aids in translating complex financial concepts for clients and stakeholders.

  • Client Relationships and Financing: Yvonne and the hosts discuss the nuances of building relationships with investors, the importance of understanding and communicating business models, and the specifics of obtaining loans and financing.

  • Banker and Client Dynamics: The dialogue covers the dynamics between bankers and clients, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, understanding the banker's perspective, and the role of storytelling in securing financing.

  • Market Trends and Banking Industry Insights: Yvonne provides her perspective on the current state of the banking industry, the impact of market trends on financing, and the future of real estate financing.

  • Advice for Young Professionals: Yvonne offers advice to young career starters, especially women, encouraging them to believe in themselves and persevere through challenges.

  • Recommended Reading: Yvonne recommends "The Big Five for Life" as a must-read book, explaining how it influenced her personal and professional decisions. She also mentions the importance of staying ahead of the news, suggesting that by the time news is printed, it's already old.

Le Portee - Hospitality News
Le Portee - Weekly Hospitality News
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