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Edouard Espinasse: Project Manager at citizenM | LE PORTEE #4

Edouard Espinasse: Project Manager at citizenM | LE PORTEE #4

From the early days 7 years ago to now with Six Sigma and improving development timelines.


1:18 - Career Longevity at CitizenM: Edouard attributes his long tenure at CitizenM to the company's support for his growth and opportunities for advancement.

3:33 - Introduction of Edouard and his Role: Edouard has overseen about 10 CitizenM hotel openings in the last year and is now focusing on a major project in Boston.

10:56 - Innovation in Hotel Openings: Edouard helped innovate the hotel opening process, focusing on efficiency and overcoming challenges like COVID-19 impacts and modular construction advantages.

14:14 - Shift to Construction and Development Focus: After years of focusing on hotel openings, Edouard is now learning about construction, aiming to reduce development timelines and costs.

18:56 - Adoption of Lean Six Sigma for Efficiency: CitizenM is exploring Lean Six Sigma to improve construction efficiency and address challenges in convincing partners to adopt new methods.

26:23 - CitizenM's Ownership and Operation Model: While primarily owning its properties, CitizenM also explores leases and management agreements to expand its presence.

31:21 - Edouard's Reflections on Pre-Opening Challenges: Sharing stories of adaptive problem-solving during hotel openings, Edouard highlights the importance of flexibility and creativity in his role.

41:44 - CitizenM's Staffing and Guest Experience Philosophy: Edouard discusses the balancing act of staffing levels to enhance guest experiences, emphasizing the value of personal interactions over automation.

49:44 - Adapting to Technology and Innovation: CitizenM's rapid adoption of new technologies, like changing PMS systems across all hotels within weeks, showcases its commitment to innovation and efficiency.

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Le Portee - Weekly Hospitality News
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